Ordinary president: “Love Does Not Last”?

On my way to work today, I listened to a popular radio personnel people refer to as, ‘the ordinary president’. Every morning on the radio, a particular radio station holds a program with the ‘ordinary president’ or rather ‘the Brekete Family’ on the Human Rights Radio 101.1 in Abuja.

Cutting to the chase, I paid little attention to the program at first until some words caught my attention and I proceeded to listen to the rest of the program. I heard them particularly discuss an issue concerning women who actually want to be hit by their partners and who deem men who desist from hitting women as weak. As daunting as that statement is, that’s not the point of discourse today. Before proceeding, I will like to acknowledge the amazing work ‘the ordinary president’ does for people all around Nigeria and outside. Though this

The course of the discussion led the ‘ordinary president’ to make a comment I totally do not agree with and actually feel sad about. He said, not in these exact words, that any marriage built on love will not last well after 6 months to a year. In his favour, he added, ‘in my opinion’. What is wrong about that statement is that he referred to the wrong word. Infatuation is temporary but true love never fails. There is also no love without respect. A man or woman hitting you violently due to their intense feelings or the lack thereof, has nothing to do with love, neither does a lack of composure or self-control when you see someone you are in a relationship with.

Why does the use of the word bother me? It is because the wrong use of the word love has actually discouraged many. Yes, there is romance in love and at times, a level of ‘infatuation’, which usually fades with time, but love in its true sense never fades.

What is love?

Love could be ignited by intense interest, admiration and liking for someone but continues as a choice. In that journey, love grows day after day to its ultimate. Sacrifice to love is like the harshness of the ground to WHAT EVENTUALLY BECOMES A diamond. Genuine love only grows; it never ends. I am however well aware of the fact that many don’t believe in it because of what they see when they look around. -Jemimah EITOKPAH

Personally, looking to Jesus, as a Christian, has taught me the ultimate definition of love and the relevance of sacrifice in the journey of love (watching Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross). No one is perfect and understanding that makes the journey even better. So yeah, love is not infatuation. It never fades.

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