Three (3) days back, our social media timeline’s and stories were packed with the hilarious video of Prof Kemebradikumo Pondei, Acting Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, fake fainting scandal for ‘pretending’ to have fainted during the ongoing probe of financial misappropriations in the agency.

A day after the video went viral, I went to do some printing with a friend. There I met two men discussing. One said “we Nigerians, corruption is in our blood… if I find myself in that position, I will take care of myself, there is no Nigerian that wouldn’t”. At that point I couldn’t keep quiet. I mean, you are literally talking about me because I am Nigerian too. I had to put him to his place and remind him corruption is a choice and not in-born. I mean, hopefully, if I get to that position, I wouldn’t steal. Even more, is the thought that for every penny you put in your pocket in top position, you are depriving someone else of it, especially when in government.

I want to see Nigeria grow and I have come to see it is not just the leaders who need to change their mindset and actions. If at the level you are at, especially as a youth, you are awaiting for life to present you with an opportunity to steal, I don’t know where we are going to as a country.


I am a graduate of Law and French Language from Swansea University, United Kingdom. I have always loved writing, researching, adventure and learning. I am bilingual and appreciate a multicultural environment. I have a heart for development work and human rights.

One thought on “Born corrupt?”

  1. You made some valid points here, Jem’.

    Born corrupt? I’d say YES and NO.

    YES – in a general sense, the human nature is corruptible (many historical and present-day facts and figures point to this). Otherwise, “corruption” won’t even be a word in our lexicon.

    NO – in a general sense, there is always the will of choice (as you rightly pointed out). In other words, people can still choose to live and act right in spite of failing moral and societal standards. Whether or not there are mechanisms, institutions and enactments in place to support those who choose to be different even in the face of coercion is another topic entirely. I have used “coercion” because many a time individuals with good intents and who make good choices still end up playing to the tunes of corrupt superiors. Yes, huge financial or monetary decisions are typically top-down.

    By the way, I don’t think corruption is ever going to fade away. It has remained and probably will continue to remain the bane of every society – African, Asian, European, et al. It may assume different forms or shades and it may impact different societies on different scales, but it is always going to be present as long as men and women of like passions (equally corruptible) as we, are in leadership. So yes, we must continuously choose to make the conscious decision of living and acting right to subdue this nature.

    A word which I’d leave here for your potential readers is this:

    “Avarice is a terrible thing – head or tail; so please, get a grip and stay content. Enjoy and take pleasure in your gains (small or big). And remember to always give thanks and praise to God from whom all blessings flow.”

    Never cease!

    Lawyer wey sabi and wey no gree mind her business on top we country matter. As you come talk your own on top the matter to the man, I hope say na you win the case 🙂

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