My Intermittent Fasting Journey

I began my Intermittent fasting two (2) weeks ago now, and it’s been rewarding. Intermittent fasting (IF), is a leading diet used to lower body fat. It involves eating within a specific time window whilst fasting for the rest of the day. The 16/8 method is apparently the most popularly used.

How does it work?

Using the 16/8 method? You fast for 16 hours and eat within an eight (8) hour window. It is however, much easier than it sounds! Many take advantage of sleeping hours to extend the fasting period. Thus, you can commence your breakfast at 11am, which isn’t so late in the day and have your last meal at 7pm; this gives your body enough time to burn food eaten and also time to burn already stored body fat. Some benefits of IF have been stated below.

• IF helps in the reduction of visceral fat in the body [1]. Visceral fat is “fat that wraps around your abdominal organs deep inside your body” [2]. Hence, you may not see or feel it but it’s there, endangering your organs and overall health.

• It helps stabilise ones fasting blood sugar and reduces insulin resistance. In other words, it reduces ones preponderance to diabetes [3].

• It helps one maintain muscle mass, whilst losing body fat. This is important because your muscles help keep your skin firm after weight loss [4].

• Recent studies also claim that it helps prolong life and cardiovascular health [5].

Personally, my IF journey has been most rewarding. Keeping weight loss aside, it has helped enhance my mental clarity. Usually, I wake up thinking about what to eat and sometimes skipping my devotionals, meditation and other important things that could have come before food. Now however, I wake up with my mind occupied with other things.

Additionally, I struggle less with food and think much less about food. Food now feels like just a part of my day. I also feel it has reminded me of the importance of discipline in my life and its benefits when you practice it consistently.

In regards, to weight loss, I have definitely lost some weight and it has only been two weeks! I have so far lost about a kilo and a half and my clothes feel better on. What attracts me to IF more is the fact that you get to lose fat without compromising your muscle mass as mentioned above.

Finally, IF has helped me with my health. I have dealt with gastritis for years and lately, acid reflux. The fact that I now eat my last meal at 7pm everyday, gives my body time to start the digestion process before I hop right into bed. If you have ever had chronic or acute acid reflux problems, you will understand eating just before bed worsens the condition.

I however, encourage that anyone who takes this up does it flexibly. Do not beat yourself up if you miss a day or if you happen to eat later than normal. It is a journey. Moreover, if you cannot handle 16/8, try 15/9 or even 14/10, that is still progress. Personally, anytime I eat later than 7pm, perhaps due to late exercise or work, I begin my breakfast later to keep the 16/8 circle going.

In conclusions, I feel much more better physically, emotionally and mentally. IF has made me take control of parts of my life I had let go of uncautiously. This does not mean that it’s the sole reason I feel the way I do now. Of course, the growing discipline in me, has helped me pay more attention to my spiritual life and other areas of my life. Therefore, If I am to give it a vote, I vote give it a try!!!

Please note: In-text numbers found between this sign; [], are linked to reference documents used for this article and can thus, help you further your research.

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