Insecurity:  “A lack of confidence about yourself or your relationships with other people; something that makes you feel like this” – Oxford Learners Dictionary.

First of all, it’s okay not to be 100% okay about something. We all deal with a level of insecurity one way or another. However, we shouldn’t let that be a determining or controlling factor in our life. A lot of people are insecure because they focus more on what they do not have, than what they actually have. It’s in someway, a disease of the mind and soul. Something we all need to ward of by consistently counting our blessings and being content.

People say no one has it all, but I’ll say everyone has it all; all that you need in life to live a full and wholesome life. Yes, no one is perfect when you use every other person’s standard, but you are perfect for you. Be it your body, finances, relationships… you name it, you are enough and only you can tell yourself that. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat that salad, get up and work or send that apology note. It simply means that you have all it takes to grow into the better version of yourself and it’s in you, not from someone else’s lawn.

The definition of enough is constantly changing and if you are going to be trying to metamorphose into every changing definition, you’ll run mad and stay insecure and defeated. Own your person, your being, every bit of who you are; body and soul. Seek to grow and improve who you are, but not staring at someone else’s potion; they have their own journey and likewise battles you know nothing of.

At the end, you’ll only account for your own life; the choices you made for you and nobody else not even your boyfriend or family. Today, look into that mirror and choose you, not what society is pushing at you. That’s the only true way you can begin that journey to loving yourself.

2 thoughts on “Insecure?”

  1. Apt!

    If you are reading this and going through any sort of insecurity (emotional and/or psychological), I pray you find the much needed moxie to overcome your fears/anxieties and lack of confidence in Jesus’ name.

    Paraphrased – “For God has not given us a spirit (mind) of fear and timidity (lack of confidence), but of power (courage), love, and self-discipline.”
    2 Timothy 1:7 (NIV)

    So many pop-ups/ads within the text; not so easy on the eyes, but definitely a good read 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot for the scripture reference and sorry for the ads; I will be addressing that as soon as possible.

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