Are there More Men than Women in the World?

Many think there are more men on earth than women but how true is this supposition? Is it based on historical ideas preceding the world wars or rather, on the egos of some men, who’ll rather use this supposition as a means of value aggrandisement? Here are some facts below that show that indeed, there are more men on earth, in all countries, than women.

At Birth:

Firstly, more boys than girls are born yearly. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), this is at a natural ratio of 105 boys to 100 girls [1]. The difference may be slight, but there is sure still a difference. Certain theories believe that this is nature’s way of balancing a man’s susceptibility to untimely death, be it through accidents, suicide or ill health.

Statistics showing birth discrepancy in England and Wales, similar but not identical to the rest of the world.

In countries such as China and India, this gap is not meagre at all. The birth ratio for instance in China of boys to girls is 120:100 respectively. India follows suite, with a boy ratio significantly higher than 105. In both countries combined, it has been shown that in a population of about 2.73 billion, men outnumber women with about an extra 80 million men! [2]

In Nigeria: Nigeria is used here, being the most populous African Nation. Statistics have shown that, although more males are born than females, the ratio in Black populations are lower than that of others. This does not, however, compromise the fact that more males are still born than female. Nevertheless, Nigeria recently appears to deviate from the norm with its birth sex ratio recently rising to 106 boys to 100 girls (2009- 2014); seeing an increase from the former ratio of 103 boys to 100 girls between 1996 to 2008 [3].

Later in Life:

Though, the ratio of the male sex at birth is more than that of females, as time goes on, the ratio either, evens out, remains slightly higher and in some cases, especially in Europe and America, goes slightly lower. This is due to the fact that men are known to die earlier than women [4]. The overall male population to female, nevertheless still remains slightly higher [5] .

Here are a few of the world’s female populations in percentages, marked out of 100%, beginning with the 10 most populous nations of the world:

  • China: 48.1% (As at 2020) [6]
  • United States: 50.6% (As at 2020) [7]
  • Indonesia: 50.1% (As at 2020) [8]
  • Nigeria: 49.4% (As at 2020) [9]
  • India: 48.4% (As at 2020) [10]
  • Pakistan: 49.2% (As at 2020) [11]
  • Brazil: 50.8% (As at 2020) [12]
  • Russia: 53.66% (As at 2018) [13]. Note however, men outnumber women until the age of 34 (As of 2019) [14]
  • Mexico: 50.7% (As at 2020) [15]
  • Bangladesh: 49.4% (As at 2020) [16]

Some other countries

  • Iran: 49.3% (As at 2020) [17]
  • UAE: 30.5% (As at 2020) [18]
  • Canada: 50.4% (As at 2020) [19]
  • Egypt: 49.8% (As at 2020) [20]
  • France: 51.3% (As at 2020) [21]
  • United Kingdom: 50.8% (As at 2020) [22]
  • Qatar: 24.1% [23]
  • Saudi Arabia: 44.8% [24]
  • Cameroon: 50.1% [25]
  • Ghana: 49.1 [26]
  • Niger: 49.7 [27]
  • Senegal: 50.4% [28]
  • Gambia: 50.6% [29}
  • Zimbabwe: 50.7% [30]
  • Kenya: 50.1% [31]
  • South Africa: 50.5% [32]
  • Cape Verde: 50.4% [33]

In conclusion, there are slightly more men than women in the world. As of today; 50.4% men and 49.6% women. This is from a world population of
7.78 billion people [34]. Therefore, one can factually conclude that they are more men than women. Nevertheless, the percentage varies from country to country, depending on various factors.

Reference (The in-text numbers seen are already linked to most of these sites)

2 thoughts on “Are there More Men than Women in the World?”

  1. This is apt. Perphaps a deeper perspective is needed here too. Men are more likely to die than women due to the nature of work, lifestyle among others. It is a proven fact that women most often outlive men. Until 2018, I used to think there are more women in the world. However, I realized Men say this maybe out of ignorance or a deliberate attempt to cow women into relationships under the threat of – “I’m doing you a Favour, there are a lot of women out there!”

    This is a good read

    1. Yes, you’re right. Mentioned the fact that women live longer in the text to. Thanks for the read and comment :).

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