8 Habits to Pick up or keep up in 2020

  1. Work with vision. If you have no idea where you are going, then you are going no where. Do not move aimlessly. Setting a vision and targets give you focus and aim. Imagine shooting shots with no target? Why shoot at all then? In 2020, ask yourself why you’re doing what you are doing before you actually start doing it. This will help you avoid doors you should never have knocked on.
  2. Count your blessings and have fun at what you do! We all know we won’t live forever, so we ought to try to enjoy every moment with those around you. Quit wishing for someone else’s portion and start thanking God for yours.
  3. Don’t procrastinate. This a cliche by now but never grows old. “Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today”- Benjamin Franklin. I mean, this speaks for itself. Many people don’t need added knowledge because they haven’t put into practice, 95% of what they know. Start that book, send that application, call that friend and go for that class to improve yourself.
  4. Don’t be controlled by fear. Choose faith instead. For every achievement, there are about ten (10) reasons you can find for it not working out, but how about the five (5) reasons it will? Remember the Bible story of Caleb and Joshua who chose to believe and not doubt, unlike the 10 others sent with them that could only see their obstacles rather than God’s faithfulness. Who said you can’t? On whose authority?
  5. Think positive. Don’t kill your own vibe in the name of ‘being realistic’. Yes, we should make smart moves, but there’s always room for a miracle. No one wants to be surrounded by a negative person too. You at the end will attract what you are.
  6. There’s only one you, work that to your advantage. We are all so unique. You were not made to be a copy of someone else at all; not even your finger print is. So find that thing you do exceptionally. Find those seeds and nurture them. They will set you apart in areas God predetermined for you.
  7. In 2020, lets let bygones be bygones. Celebrate your past achievements but do not live on past glory. A new year; new achievements and growth. Also leave back past hurts, disappointments and set-backs. Let’s embrace forgiveness and healing.
  8. Guard your mental health. It’s amazing the increase in awareness of mental health issues. If you can spend tons on clothes and whatever it is that suits your fancy, spend both time and money getting your mind together. Speak to someone on that thing bordering you. GET OFF social media for a while if all it brings you is negative thoughts and comparison. Your mind is much more important. Remember, you are enough.

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