Lagos Bistro: A Taste of Lagos in Abuja.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but you can now get a taste of Lagos without actually travelling all the way to Lag. The food is great and the surrounding beautiful. It actually feels like Lagos.

Food: The food was amazing. Went with a friend and we decided to eat like lagosians since we were in ‘Lagos’. Had ‘Ibile’, also known as ofada rice whilst my friend ordered ‘Ewa goin’, which she was actually trying for the first time. She wasn’t disappointed at all. We also ordered two drinks; virgin Pinacolada and the breakfast smoothie . They were also well made.

Cost: The cost was also really decent. The Ibile and virgin Pinacolada cost 5,000 Naira, the drink costing 1,500 from the sum. Whilst the ‘Ewa Goin’ and breakfast smoothie cost 4000 Naira (2,000 Naira each).

Other meals on the menu has decent prices as well. A full English breakfast cost 3,700 Naira for example and a plate of Bolognese cost 3,000 Naira. You could also order pizza with a friend for the cost of about 3,500 Naira.

Ambiance/Environment: The ambiance in this restaurant was amazing with a touch of Lagos everywhere. I even had a wall painting of Fela behind my sit, with other beautiful Lagos inspired paintings and ‘molue’s’. Definitely an amazing place for new experience, even if you’ve been to Lagos before.

Customer service and Wifi: Their customer service was amazing; nice smiling waiters. However, come in with enough mobile data as there is no wi-fi service.

Location: Ademola Adetokunbo Street, Wuse 2, Abuja.

To conclude, I will rate the Lagos Bistro a 9/10, just because there was no wi-fi service. Was an interesting experience feeling like a lagosian for a day. A definite ‘must-try’.

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