2020: Be a Visionary!

It’s 2020! Have you written your visions down yet?

Imagine running a race that has no finish line? That’s the exact same thing as living life with no vision. Why are you going to work? Why will you wake up three times a week to exercise? Why are you even living? These are all questions that can be answered when you take time out to write down your vision. ‘Your’ vision is particular and unique to you and you alone. A person could inspire your vision but NO one can give you a vision.

Your vision should be something bigger than you. For instance, my vision could be to give 500,000 naira to the needy this year, to buy a range rover by December, 2020 and to make my friends happy. I may not even have 500,000 in my pocket at the moment, but having that vision will spur me to work for it and give. My vision to make my friends happy this year, will make me more deliberate in spending my time, prayers and money intentionally on my friends.

Its important to write your vision down, to have a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment at the end of the season your vision was created for. Its actually quite similar to setting targets but more purposeful. Don’t be scared to set BIG visions. If its not bigger than you, it shouldn’t be penned down. Yes, it may be ridiculous to a thinking mind, but who say’s God can’t blow your mind?

Finally, don’t rush it! Take your time. Pray about it and reflect on it. Personally, I have taken time to pray this year cause I want my visions confirmed by God too. Remember not to limit yourself too. Happy 2020!!!

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