When Life Slows You Down

We are always on the move. There’s always something to do and a goal to accomplish. Realistically speaking, this is the way to go. As Albert Einstein said, “life is like a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving”. But what happens when life itself slows you down?

A few weeks back I was diagnosed with Pneumonia from the blues. Could hardly believe it and had even previously treated Malaria twice, before recognising it was something else. All of a sudden I could do nothing, no matter how bad I wanted to. Went running and could hardly move and had to sit in the middle of the road. Could hardly climb the stairs and breeze around as I do at work. Going out was also an issue.

With all that said, I realised, even more, the need to appreciate life itself and the grace we experience daily, waking up and going on with our lives. Be thankful for what you have because it could be so much worse. And yes, you probably have it better than someone else, no matter how bad you may think things are. Still recovering, but I bet you, I will be the happiest being once I am strong enough to run and feel great after that run.

Final thought: How can we better appreciate the good days and grow if there are no down ones.

One thought on “When Life Slows You Down”

  1. Jem Jem.. you said it just right. We forget to be thankful sometimes because we are so focused on what we want to have. Thanks for the reminder

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