Finding Time to Relax on a budget

It is a nice Saturday, you wake up with about 5,000 Naira (about 13.78 dollars) in your pocket and you feel broke as hell but you still want to make the most out of your Saturday. It is alright, there is still hope for you.

We focus so much on making it big at times and we forget to enjoy the journey in the littlest of ways. What’s the point if you wait ten years to make it big before you rest and then you look back and realise 10 years of your life is gone with little to no memories, shadow years kinda. So what exactly is my point? Make the most of the present, no matter the amount of cash you have in your pocket. Making the most doesn’t mean, be wasteful, but rather putting yourself in the arithmetic of your necessities.

Today I woke up realising I had not yet received my monthly alert but utterly did not feel like sitting at home all day. So I got a ride to one of my favourite cafe’s with a pre-made sandwich in my bag, then got coffee at the cafe to earn the right to sit there. If I wanted to, I could also call up my friend to see a good movie, or otherwise, go myself as I value alone time too. I could also go hiking with friends, go swimming and window shopping.

Always take time to do what makes you feel you. Not recommending unhealthy habits, but things that make you feel better, healthier and alive. Remember, you only have one life, live it to the fullest; not based on people’s definition of what that should mean but on your’s and God’s.

2 thoughts on “Finding Time to Relax on a budget”

  1. In conclusion, chop life now, tomorrow may be too late. 😁

    It’s the little things that matters. Every once a while we should give ourselves a treat. No matter the measure of our pockets. Sometimes we don’t even need to spend money. They say the best things in life are free. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    1. Am sorry i disagree,not even nowadays
      Best things of life come unexpected and never creats awareness!….but like we all know everything in life as a price

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