You only live once. Probably the most cliché phrase used in our time but absolutely true. Since we all have one life it’s harder to make choices because you know you wouldn’t have the opportunity nor time to relive your life. This is what makes it hard to choose between your passions or obligations. Obligations in this contecxt refers to choices we have to make considering our realities and situations. Obligations are more practical, mostly in the short term.

Nowadays it’s hard to choose, for example, music over getting a stable job in a firm of any kind. Or to choose Arts over more ‘prestigious’ and paying jobs. As an African, we were taught to either be either engineers, doctors or lawyers as kids. It almost feels like professions not more esteemed or those outside this box aren’t worth pursuing. However, views are changing now seeing that footballers, musicians and artists, who make it, make it real big.

This blog post hinges on the fact that you do not have to do only one thing in your life. I mean, we all have one life so we have to fit all our passions into it. I am definitely not a pro in doing this but certainly in the learning process. I am a lawyer and a linguist (French language) and love research of all sorts. I also love to dance, write and sing and love fashion too. I am also really passionate about fitness! I am almost tired of writing all these. The number one question you may ask is, since I have just one life, how can I possible fit all these in.

First thing is, I do not have to do all these things majorly in my life. The key is to prioritise and make good use of your time. Using myself for instance and taking into consideration all my passions, it possible to work within a corporate organisation, go for dance classes during the weekend and do sports every now and then during the week and on weekends. I could also decide to join the church choir and to fulfil my love for writing, run a blog or write a book on scheduled days. Into business? Work your 9-5, get your capital and put it into whatever business it is. One day, we will all retire and by then, there should be something to turn to. Some people retire and find out they have nothing to turn to because they had given up everything for their jobs. The main point here is that we don’t have to abandon our passions just because we have chosen a particular career path in life.

At times we may choose a lane because of the money it brings in and that’s totally fine and realistic. But while at it, don’t let every other area die cause you never know where your bread will come from. I believe many people are living dead because of their 9-5 jobs. . What good is making money if it kills your ambitions, vitality and passions?

In conclusion, it’s possible to work at a firm and still be a writer. You just have to make good use of your time. Likewise, you can be an artist and still have a full-time job.ODon’t abandon your passions and dreams. It’s possible to work at a big law firm and still be a writer! It’s also possible to work a corporate job or any other work that ets the money flowing and pursue a singing career. You actually only live once, so make that one life count.


I am a graduate of Law and French Language from Swansea University, United Kingdom. I have always loved writing, researching, adventure and learning. I am bilingual and appreciate a multicultural environment. I have a heart for development work and human rights.

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