7 Cafe’s you have to visit in Abuja, Nigeria.

A cup of coffee, a book, computer, newspaper or a phone, a sandwich on the side with nice subtle music, that’s my idea of a ‘me time’ and a cafe is a serene place to provide this vibe! Cafe’s aren’t only for ‘me-time’s’, you can also grab a friend and spend an afternoon together catching up over coffee and some crepes or a good English breakfast. You can also go in groups for a rendez-vous. The list is endless. Either ways, here are some cafe’s situated in Abuja, Nigeria that will give you all that ambiance and more. Personally took me the last two (2) weeks trying most of these cafe’s out to give you a firsthand review, so enjoy!

1. Salamander;

Ambiance; Salamander gives you that “I am in a UK pub/vintage cafe feel. Nice and dark lighting too. Music wasn’t on when I got in though but I am guessing they normally have it on.

Food and drink; Their food was really good. Got the ultimate mushroom (creamy mixed mushrooms and onions with grilled Swiss cheese on toast) which came with a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Would have personally preferred less cream on my toast but I guess the menu said “creamy”. You can try their English breakfast, steak and eggs, crepes or even their ‘big Nigerian’; boiled or fried yams or plantain with corned beef and eggs… The list is endless.

Quantity: Quantity was a bit disappointing. Would have preferred it if all that filling was shared on two toasts and not one; would have tasted way better and quantity would look better too.

Cost; Their cost is generally decent but could be a bit cheaper. My meal cost me 2,400 Naira but a nicer plate e.g English breakfast or the big Nigerian costs 4,500 Naira, excluding any ‘ordered’ drink. You will however get a free glass of freshly squeezed juice. Finally, there’s 10% service charge on whatever you get.

Customer service; Customer service was great. Loved the waiter who served me; good humour and on time service.

Style and design; Their general style is vintage; nice write ups and frames, with a library area stocked up with tons of books, although you have to buy them. Though a really nice cafe, it can do with some renovation as they are little hiccups here and there; e.g mirror upstairs is seriously cracked.

Location: 5 Bujumbura St, Wuse, Abuja

Rate; 7/10.

2. Cafe de Vie;

Ambiance; The ambiance in this cafe is amazing. Feels warm and welcoming. Nice music on with very interesting and engaging art pieces around. Has that, je ne sais quoi.

Food and drink; Food was really nice. Loved the sandwich I got; beef and cheese sandwich with chips on the side. Went with a friend and we also got a pot of tea (really cute container) and an iced coffee. Their menu in general is really good and cafe ‘friendly’.

Quantity; The serving size was great and filling too. So I think the cost was worth it.

Cost; The food cost us 3,500 whilst both drinks cost 1,500 each. There was no service charge added. Believe the price was fine.

Customer service; Loved the customer service. The waiter was very nice, cheery and smily. Great humour.

Style and design; Interesting sense of style. Personally loved all the painting, writings on the walls and stash of books. If you are a creative, I believe Cafe de Vie is an amazing place to get those ideas flowing. In conclusion, I had a great time; the fact I was there with a friend might have also influenced that :).

Wifi; Yes

Location: 12 Amazon St, Maitama, Abuja

Rate; 8.5/10.

3.  Cube Cafe

Ambiance; The ambiance here was great with nice, simple, educative and interesting art pieces. Loved loved loved it. Loved the music playing too! Cube cafe is a great place to meet people from across the globe as they host several activities on certain days. They have open mic nights, painting sessions (called “Sip Dip and Plant”), barbecue nights and cloth sales/exchange events.

Food and drink; The food was really nice. Went for a healthier option. I had the avocado and chicken sandwich, which tasted refreshing. Had a cup of coffee to go with it; latte and was honestly one of the best made latte’s I have tasted so far. Their menu in general is great for a cafe; from crepes, to nice sandwiches.

Quantity; The  sandwich was nice and filling for me, so it’s a yes. If hungrier though, would have added a side to it (chips).

Cost; Cube cafe was very cost effective. The latte cost 1,200 whilst the sandwich cost me 2,500. The cost was totally worth the quantity. No service charge.

Customer service; Getting there, I wasn’t just welcomed into the cafe, I was welcomed to the cube family which was totally sweet. Learnt a lot during my visit about the cafe and their values.

Style and Design; Not only are almost all the art pieces African or African inspired, they have a great book collection; you can either exchange your personally books with any of the books or just buy a book from the collection.

Location: 16 Usuma Cl, Maitama, Abuja

Wifi: Yes

Rate: 8.5/10.

4. Classic Rock Coffee;

Ambiance; Nice ambiance. You can’t miss the ‘rock’ in ‘Classic Rock Coffee’ because the manager/owner made sure of it by placing guitars and pictures of rock stars all around the place e.g. the Beatles. It apparently doubles as a cafe and bar. From 8pm to 12am, they have life music which I find very cool. Would totally love to come back with friends to enjoy the life music.

Food and drinks; The food was really nice and tasty. Had a ham and cheese Panini with chips on the side. Also got creamed iced coffee which I totally loved. They apparently have a really wide range of food that makes you think of it as a restau-cafe. From your full English breakfast, Panini’s and sandwiches to yams, seafood meals, rice and so on and so forth.

Quantity; Quantity was great. Definitely wasn’t hungry after eating. Hungrier? Add extra sides to your order. Not that hungry? Get small chops and some coffee, Chapman, champagne or a cocktail.

Cost; My Panini cost 3,000 Naira, whilst my iced coffee (creamed), cost me 1500. However, I couldn’t finish my meal, so I got it packed up which cost 800 Naira! Seriously??? Also, 3% vat cost was added to my charge. The total amount boiled down to 5,300 Naira.

Customer service; Customer service was really nice. I had a happy waiter which equals a happy customer :).

Style and Design: Into rock music? You’ll probably love the style. Wasn’t personally too into it though; less of a cafe vibe. However, this wasn’t just a cafe but a ‘cafe-restau. Still liked the arrangement and the fact that they’ve got an outside sitting setting.

Location: By LG Showroom, Aminu Kano Crescent, 12b Ajesa St, Wuse, Abuja

Wifi: Yes

Rate: 7.5/10.

5. Bunna Cafe;

Ambiance; Bunna cafe has a cool and simple ambiance to it.

Food and Drinks; Bunna cafe doesn’t have all the menu there is but specialises more in their coffees and teas. I have had their chai latte which is simply delicious and their iced tea too. They have shawarmas, croissants, pies and on a good day, mac and cheese…

Quantity: Their quantity is fine and tallies with the price.

Cost; Their chai latte cost me 800 Naira and their croissants cost the same. Also had their iced tea which cost just 650 Naira.

Customer service: Nice customer service with really cool waiters.

Style and Design; Bunna cafe, compared to the above cafe’s is quite different. Unlike the other cafe’s above, they do not have a building or an entire property to themselves. They are located on the third floor of Silverbird, Central area. What makes this cafe really appealing to me is the view it provides. Part of it is made of glass and so you can see part of abuja sitting in the cafe.

Wifi: Yes

Location: Third floor, Silverbird, Central Area, Abuja.

Rate; 6/10.

6. CCX Lounge

Ambiance; Nice, relaxing and warm ambiance with cool music playing in the background.

Food and Drinks; I just got 2 cups of green tea, sweet potato chips and samosa’s in this cafe but there’s much more to the menu.

Quantity; quantity was fine and suited the price

Cost; The green tea cost 500 Naira each whilst the sweet potato chips cost 1,000 Naira and the Samosa 1,300 Naira.

Customer service; Customer service was just okay. Not too inviting. I visited this particular cafe a while ago though, so its necessary to point out that the waiters may have been changed.

Wifi: Yes

Location: Jabi Laki Mall, Jabi, Abuja.

Rate: 7.5/10

7. Coco Cafe;

Ambiance: This place doubles as a cafe and restaurant but honestly has more of a restaurant vibe than it does a cafe. Either ways, it has an amazing vibe to it. This cafe-restau, being on roof top gives you an amazing view of the Jabi lake area. Not only is the view beautiful, you get to breath fresh air.

Food and Drink; The food was nice and filling. Had a panini with a glass of Chapman. I must say that I tasted my best Chapman there yet and would be definitely coming back for more! Also loved the panini.

Quantity: Went with a friend and we decided to share a meal as we were not so hungry. Although we only had half of the menu, we still felt full. So that says a lot about the quantity; Nice and filling.

Cost: Cost was honestly really good. The Chapman cost 1500 whilst the Panini cost 2,500. I believe the quantity and taste was totally worth the price. More so, no service charge was included.

Customer service: Customer service was great. Nice waiters!

Wifi: To be confirmed

Location: 15 Alex Ekwueme Way, Jabi, Abuja

Rate: 9/10

So these are the 7 cafe’s I checked out on behalf of everyone. There are many more cafe’s in Abuja but I will definitely recommend this seven.

Healthier Options?

Watching your waist line and health in general? The menus of these restaurants actually provide “healthier” alternatives. You can decide to cut off sides of chips and have you sandwich alone. One more thing I do at cafe’s is that I instruct the waiters on how to make my order; be it t put less sugar or little to no ketchup or cream. Do not feel bad doing this as it’s you paying, not them: ).

However, being a health advocate, I advice that you always balance eating out. Do not forget the fact that you can also make your own sandwich, cup of tea or coffee and go out to a park to have a great time alone or with friends.

9 thoughts on “7 Cafe’s you have to visit in Abuja, Nigeria.”

  1. So I tried this cafe thing some time ago and ended up like errrrrmmm maybe I should’ve just ate at home or the office. Mima the entire menu was full of sugary things 🤦🏽‍♂️ And I’m not a sugar kinda person. Or maybe I picked the wrong item from the menu at Rosewood Cafe because all they had at that time were just sugary things. But I guess by now they should have updated their menu. Only thing I enjoyed was was the chicken wrap. Another decent one is Selah Cafe. They have really healthy menu.

    Mima I think you forgot to include the addresses to these places.

    1. Thanks a lot for that observation, would work on adding the location ASAP! And yes, its all about the menu. Apparently, all the cafe’s here had pretty good menus you can make healthier choices from. Never heard of Rosewood Cafe though, but will check it out. Thanks a lot for the feedback ;).

      1. Yeah Rosewood is a small one but with nice interior. It’s at Ademola Adetokunbo, Wuse II (one Nunberger Complex like that)

    2. Just took into consideration your observations and made corresponding changes. Thanks a lot! Also added more information on how to make healthier choices in the last paragraph. All in all, the menus of the cafe’s are quite wide so it should be easy making “healthier” choices. For instance, had an Avocado sandwich at Cube Cafe. Thanks again dear

  2. Great work Jem 🌸
    Though, I hoped to know your view on the tastes of your orders. It wasn’t stated in the review of some of the cafes.
    You did a great job in filling us in on the quantity, which matters a lot to me😁, but the savour is sine qua non 🤘🏼

  3. Today, I went to the beachfront with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is entirely off topic but I had to tell someone!

  4. I have spent the entire evening googling coffee shops in Abuja until i stumbled upon your blog. I’m an avid coffee person which means coffee is a must for me wherever i go, will definitely visit one of those. By the way I am planning a short trip to Nigeria and Abuja to be specific. I like to hang out at coffee shops most of the time as i find the environment relaxing. Great job Mimaj.

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