Fueling your Hustle the Right way

A hustler, aka, a “go-getter” in modern slang (not dictionary meaning), is one who works extra hard and relentlessly to get what they want. By this definition, we are all hustlers one way or another. I mean, we are trained with the very words (as found in the Bible); “a man who does not work, should not eat”. Which brings me to the topic of the day, how can we fuel our hustle but still sustain who we are?

Met a taxi man today who marveled me. He said he was very content with what he was doing. He wasn’t looking for another way to make money or a job considered more ‘befitting of respect’. He was not even to develop other sources of income besides what he was doing. He was completely content with his life, as long as he could pay his bills.

Will personally not take that lane in life but still he reminded me of something very significant in life, which is not how much money you have in your bank, but rather the peace, happiness and contentment you feel in your heart. The thing is, the money will never be enough, you will always want more. I was perplexed cause I could not believe people like that still exist in Nigeria.

So should we still hustle? Of course! we still have to go out there and make money! Wouldn’t have found him on Taxify, if he wasn’t part of the hustle. More so, they are people really struggling in this country. So yes, we need to fuel our hustle. My point however is that we should not forget to hustle to fuel our purpose and not just our pockets. As great as money is, if that’s what controls you, you have totally lost all meaning, same with whatever gifts God has endowed you with.

My point however is that we shouldn’t forget to hustle to fuel our purpose and not just our pockets

More so, wherever you are on the social line, do not be ashamed of who you are. People who judge you aren’t paying your bills. No matter what you are doing; selling recharge cards, clothes, even hawking bread, do it with dignity and pride. Why?? You could obviously be on a laptop now doing yahoo yahoo” and living large but you are on your hustle, building not just your pocket but your character and your story which you will be bold to pass on to those who come after you. Remember, no matter how much money we make, we do not take a dime to the grave.

Finally stay consistent. Believe in yourself, even if no one does. Your story is yours alone. Also do not just work hard and extra hard, work SMART! Grow, check out your competitors and learn. Again, be nice and stay consistent. No matter how beautiful a seed is, if not consistently watered, it will die. If you want it to grow even faster, get manure, fertilizers, weed killers… to make it grow even better and faster. Nothing tangible is birthed without some form of sacrifice; be it in time, money, giving up certain types of friendships..

For a rap, stay humble and you will hopefully live a more comfortable life filled with purpose and not loosing yourself, values, heart and truth in the process. Remember, its better to walk just a mile in the right direction, than a million miles in the wrong direction. If not, a person who has not started the race at all would be better than you.

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