10 Things Nigerians Love; My Take on Them.

1. A bargain; Every Nigerian loves a bargain, at least every Nigerian I’ve ever met. Starting from clothes, to cars, services and so on and so forth and I’m all for it. I mean, sometime last week I was at GT bank looking for a taxi to go somewhere really close. A taxi guy I met outside told me it will cost 200 naira and I was like, nah, 150, lol. Anyways, I got in for 200. As we were about to leave, another taxi guy stopped us and said he was going to take me for 100 naira. People, your girl was about to hop down and go to the other taxi until a group of them started laughing and told me I like money too much. That was extreme though but yeah, I’m Nigerian.

2. La mode (fashion); Most Nigerians love fashion! This is also because our culture encourages it! What’s amazing is that, a Nigerian does not need a brand to stand out. Our traditional wears are very much celebrated. It’s all about style and how you wear it for us. I believe this makes fashion much more fun in Nigeria and also inclusive.

More so, we are much more fashion cautious than westerners. I for one schooled in the UK and France and I can honestly tell you they care less, except if going out-out. You hardly ever see anyone with make up on during lectures and calm events. But it’s the opposite in Nig! Our ladies normally go all the way out and they like to stand out. Not bad at all.

3. Music and culture; Yassss, Nigerians love music. Not just music, their music! We appreciate foreign jams too though. From Wizkid, to Davido, Simi, Nonso Amadi, Burna boy, Olamide, 2 face, Tiwa. Nigerians are down. Afro beats is life though. I love Nigerian music. Definitely not the lyrics of most songs, but the beats are always on …

4. Social media trends– So Nigerians love social media? Yes, and this is mostly amongst the youths. From Instagram, to Facebook, twitter, tumblr, the list goes on. I wonder if you guys even remember 2go!

5. Football– A family that watches football together, stays together! Yup. Personally, I am not all that into football but you still need to see me with my dad and brothers when Barcelona is playing (up Messi!). Even my mum gets interested. And the priceless moment is always when we get to shout Issa goal!!!

Issa Goal!
Issa Goal!

6. Food and having fun; My gosh, Nigerians loveee food. Any type or kind. I honestly believe if you want to start a successful business in Nigeria and aren’t sure what to do, go into food business. You’ll be a millionaire in no time; as long as the food tastes great and the customer service is great. The price also counts too.

For fun, Nigerians are number one. They love to party, hang out, watch football together, game together e.t.c. Hang around me and you’ll know I love to chill. I’m not a clubber, but you’ll catch me by a pool table, playing fun games, shopping,… I know it’s a universal thing to ‘have fun’, but Nigerians take it to the next level.

7. To criticise! Okay, this is definitely more on the negative side but its so true. This is borderless though. Do anything and people will criticise you for it anywhere. Even a good thing. Advice is to definitely build your foundation through wise counsel but to know when to close your ears and stay away from bad energy.

8. Nigerians love to travel; Yup. Especially abroad, they don’t mind even going to Cotonou to feel that gratification that they have left their country. People, Nigeria is beautiful! But I’m definitely still up for travelling. It builds your perception of life and exposes you to realities outside the walls of your country

9. Money! Nigerians love money! Who doesn’t. Money answereth all things. But mate, some Nigerians will leave you wondering. I once saw a wedding video were a man had a money spraying device!!! I could not believe my eyes. It is more than the zeal for money to better ones life and change the society, many Nigerians just use money to show off and show that they have arrived.

Honestly, our love for money as a country has also been our demise. From the corruption in government, to money-related crimes such as kidnapping, rituals and robbery. Don’t get me wrong, money is great and is needed. But like with everything in life, balance is essential. We should not run after money like it is our goal but should look at it as a means to an end.

With our population working to our advantage and a host of people working smart and hard, the sky is the starting point for our economy nonetheless.

10. Finally, Nigerians love family. I guess this is about the most beautiful thing about our country. It gets annoying though when you turn 23 as a girl and your father’s people start giving you the eye and asking you the ‘question’…We all know it.

I for one hope this trend continues. A society is built on the family unit. Not only do we appreciate the nuclear family unit, we appreciate our extended family, and worship group family (Christian or Muslim). We also encourage ‘neighbourly’ love as a country. Don’t respect and appreciate this (neighbourly love)? Try living in the UK.

So that’s it guys! Hope you enjoyed the read.

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