Hard Work or Chance?

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This is virtually my first blog post. Honestly had a lot of things to write about and loads of ideas but it’s taken a lot from me to actually sit down and write. So far so good. so today, I got a ride with this really cool taxi man. He was from the north of Nigeria, from Kaduna state, around Kinshasa, he told me. Being a chatty person, we got into a conversation. Actually, it started from us arguing on how much the taxi ride was supposed to be. I kept telling him that I was a student and did not have that much money so he should consider reducing the price and he was like “I am a student too”. However, I got him when I said at least you are making your own money, I am not.

Conversing in the car, after talking about Kaduna’s population, my desire to learn Hausa and my demise on not knowing how to speak it, I asked him how school was going. I mean, he had told me he was also a student during our price battle earlier on. In response to my question, he confessed to me that he actually was not in school at the moment. He had stopped in SS3 after writing his WAEC examination which he passed well. It was sad. He actually wished to continue and complete his education. Doing the usual, I encouraged him to ensure he furthers his education and advised him to consider an open university.  Getting to  my destination, he began to tell me his story. He was only 8 years old when He lost his dad who was the bread winner and backbone of the family. His mother was never educated nor financially well-off so life was extra-hard for them. Though he thankfully completed his secondary school, he could not afford paying for the university. Sad. I left the taxi in a pensive mood. Life is weird. Some have the opportunity and the chance to ‘dream big’ and to ‘shoot for the stars’, whilst some don’t and even if they do get what they dreamed of, they would have had to work four (4) times as hard for it. All I could think of was, I could very well be him. I could have been born into a family financially weak.

Although, I am an ardent believer in hard work. Yes, nothing comes to you unless you work for it. I mean, the Bible (if you are a Christian) even says, he who does not work should not eat, right? We see a poor man or a beggar on the road and we judge them for not working hard enough in life or not making good choices and of course you may be right. People have different stories. But we must recognize that the race line does not start the same for everyone and in Nigeria, that gap is extremely wide.

So I guess, the point of this blog post is to encourage us to be thankful. Thank God for every opportunity you have. I dreamed to speak French language and study law, and today I have a degree in both and speak French. I dreamed to write, and I have a blog (you don’t have to go to the University for this but you need to have a computer which not everyone can afford). Be thankful for the little things and helpful to those you can help in WISDOM. Give to others, just the way all has been given to you, it’s only fair.

I can go on ranting about Nigeria, about the lack of equality of opportunities such as free education, poor availability of capital through loans for those with business ideas (education is not everything, yeah?) and so on. But one cannot change all that, at least, not just you. You can however make the world a better place by recognizing your privilege, owning it and making the most out of it. Be it in your encouraging words to those who seem to be ‘down there’, or be it in your giving, no matter how small or how big. Your privilege is an assignment and not a possession. So yeah, thanks for visiting my blog today. Feel free to leave a comment if it pleases you.

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